Should You Pick ImLive Happy Hour Show or a Regular Private Chat?

ImLive has got Happy Hour chats offered to users around the clock, as well as regular private live sex shows. Which of these options is superior and is there any difference between the two?

In Terms of Price, Happy Hour is the Best Choice

It doesn’t matter if you are using PC or your iPhone to chat on webcam, Happy Hour is always the cheapest option you have on ImLive. Most private shows on ImLive are not too expensive to begin with, but there is just no competing with the 1.48 rates. Live camgirls will usually ask for an average of 2.99 per minute or so to strip for you privately, but on Happy Hour you can find high-quality babes stripping for half this price. Keep in mind though that new hosts charge even less than Happy Hour rates, and they have the cheapest private shows on ImLive.

The Really Popular Webcam Models Don’t Have a Happy Hour

Don’t be naive and assume that real pornstars and very popular camgirls will sometime perform on Happy Hour. The high-end models are always booked anyway and the site has no reason to put them on discounted rates. This means that if you want top-notch sex shows, regular private sessions ar eteh better choice.

On Happy Hour you have a Limited Choice

Happy Hour is an excellent options for guys who want to save and don’t care much about which model they watch. If you have the hots for a particular camgirl though or like to have a karge selection, then Happy Hour isn’t for you and you better choose standard private sex shows.

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